Thursday, January 30, 2014

And so it begins...

Let me start out by saying, this may be a labor of futility. I know, that might not be the best way to start off a blog but when I say that, I mean come on, who want to hear what a layman has to say about what he sees going on in the Christian world. For all I know, I may not even have a right to call myself a "layman" (yes, I just looked up what it means), I am by no means an expert or apprentice in anything other making a mess at my house.What I am is a man who grew up going to church, which made me a fine candidate for the Pharisees. I knew what sin looked like, in other peoples lives, yet had a Giant Sequoia sticking out of my eye glaring back at them. For my friends that live in the desert, a Giant Sequoia is a tree. For the past few years I have been working to get all the cluttered doctrine that I have been taught out of my head, like a cranial enema. Which kinda gives me a direction for this blog I guess. Anyway, by the grace of God He quickened me a few years back and by His sovereign will revealed the beauty of Reformed Theology, or at least the Doctrines of Grace. (I still can't turn the Millennial Kingdom into a allegory nor see the profit in baptizing babies.)

My hope for this blog is first and foremost, to force me to type out my thought of what I am learning in His word. Secondly, to maybe help others like me to figure out what scripture truly says. Lastly, I want to post questions that us normal folk have and hopefully have really smart people answer/debate them, that would be amazing!

So, you are wondering "what do you believe John?" Good question my friend.

- I believe the 5 Solas and the Doctrines of Grace are the best expression of the Christian faith. (all other Reformed bloggers italicize Sola, so I'm doing it to be cool like them.)
 - I believe the Scriptures are theopeneustos, God breathed and are sufficient for life and godliness (2Tim3:16) and I have no time for myths and philosophical conjecture (that means you William Lane Craig).
-I believe that Genesis if read plainly, like any historical narrative is supposed to be, talks about a literal 6 day creation, and that science cannot explain a supernatural event no matter how hard we try.
-I believe Scripture is clear that God is triune, 3 persons (not manifestations) in one completely awe-inspiring God, seen as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
-I believe Scripture is clear that in Christ all the fullness of God dwells bodily. By that I mean, Jesus is God, was born of a virgin and condescended Himself by taking on humanity (Col 1:9). While on earth He retained His divinity, lived a perfect life, was crucified to pay for our sins, He died, was buried and three days later was raised from the dead and in so doing proving that God the Father accepted His sacrifice.
- I believe that no matter what Rob Bell says, Jesus is the ONLY way to see the Father. Hell is a real place in which those who trust in themselves and not in the finished worked of Christ will spend eternity separated from God and that those whom were chosen from before the foundation of the earth (Eph 1:4), get to delight in the presence of the Lord forever.
-I believe that the Holy Spirit is working mightily in the world today. Yet I also believe that the Apostolic Gifts ceased, i.e. tongues, healing and prophecy. What He does do is, indwell believers, raise the spiritually dead, makes the spiritually blind see and illuminates Scripture leading us into truth. So don't call me a Deist or rationalist.

I can keep writing, but this blogging stuff is actually hard work and its nearly midnight. But I gotta say, Mr. Challies, I got mad respect for you.

In all things for the Glory of God